Avainlaskelmat Oy is a private owned Finnish consultancy company that was founded 1979. We serve our customers in consultancy projects and arrange training on different topics. Our services concentrate on following topics:

  • business economy training
  • productivity improvement projects
  • consulting of administration systems and IT projects
  • leadership coaching
  • customer service and selling skills training
  • production engineering

  • At present we have 15 employees who have more than 10 years experience on different topics mentioned above.

    Our business idea is to offer high quality services for enterprises that look for reliable partners to assist them to gain still better results. We develop our services continuously and plan the projects with our customers, so that we can always offer really tailor-made and ready to use solutions.

    Our philosophy in customer projects is following:

    First, we must have a profound discussion with our customer on the present situation, what are the main results that are wanted, how much time and resources is available for the project. Then we clarify the vision for the project or for training seminars.

    Second, we study the business strategies and aims of our customer to make sure that every important aspect is to be included in the development project. Now we have a clear goal to make proposition how to carry out the project or series of training sessions.

    Third step is to plan and make ready programs and materials that are needed. Also it is important to negotiate and inform on every level in customer organization to make sure all personnel approves the project. Usually everybody is willing to give every effort for the successful fulfilment of the project, if they have information beforehand.

    Fourth, we take through consultancy projects and seminars as agreed. We take responsibility according our consultancy agreements and work with our customer organization. Our duty is to make sure, that people on every level of customer organization are eagerly working towards goals set. We give reports as agreed and take care of all project steps also towards subcontractors, if they are included in the project.

    Fifth, we evaluate the project with our customer, make archive and documents on project. We also make necessary arrangements for new projects and very often our projects produce also system for continuous improvement, that customer organization can keep going by themselves.

    With these principles we have succeeded with serving our customers for more than 20 years. We produce services for all business sectors: Forest industry, electronic industry, metal industry, service companies, car importer organizations with dealers etc. Our customers are mainly the best and biggest in Finland.

    We hope that this presentation gives You the main idea on our services and if You need more information, please contact us through our web site: We will answer You with pleasure and wish that we can start a successful business partnership.

    Sincerely Yours